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April 05, 2013
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Week in Review: Falcon, Hadoop Momentum and BFFs Forever!

More of a 2 weeks in review this time around owing to the Easter break. So what’s been happening?

Falcon bringing Data Lifecycle Management for Hadoop. The big news this week was the newly approved Apache Software Foundation incubator project – Falcon. The project was initiated by the team at InMobi and engineers from Hortonworks towers with the intent of simplifying data management through a data lifecycle management framework. Something for everyone then. More on Falcon here. Once again, it’s a great example of community driven open source driving the innovation that matters, or as Mohit Saxena of InMobi said:


Want to be BFFs with Hortonworks? According to this article on TechWorld, everyone does, and Neustar details why. We’re flattered by the sentiment and we’d love to be your friend. You can ‘Like’ us over here.

Market Momentum. So, with all of the innovation and buzz around Hadoop and Hortonworks, what does that mean for you, me, or anyone looking to dip a toe in the water? This post highlighted the market momentum and the surrounding skills and jobs and how you can get involved. I recommend you start by grabbing a copy of the Sandbox and take advantage of this graph…

Hadoop Summit Keynotes and Sessions. As memories of Amsterdam glow in the mind, the content from the event began to flow, and you can now view the videos and slides of keynotes and sessions on the summit site. We also announced the selectees of the community choice section of Hadoop Summit North America in San Jose, and the panels are now hard at work selecting the remaining sessions. You have registered haven’t you?

[slideshare id=17825366&doc=hadoopsummitkeynote-baldeschwieler-130328171914-phpapp02]


And finally, can you define Big Data? I guess that depends on your individual perspective. In this short piece, Russell describes Big Data it in terms of transformative economics. Something to chew on until next week.

Have a great weekend!


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