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August 16, 2013
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Week in Review: Hadoop for Windows, Hoya, Tutorials, Partners and Webinars

A busy week at Hortonworks Towers means a quick recap on what’s been happening.

Hadoop on Windows. On Tuesday we announced the GA of HDP 1.3 for Windows. Apart from being the only native Windows distribution for Hadoop, the updates and innovation in this release bring it to parity with our Linux distribution which means Hadoop Everywhere! Later on, we talked about getting started with HDP 1.3 for Windows, and also pointed at some great resources and tutorials.

Implementing a Modern Data Architecture. Whichever flavor of HDP you choose to implement, it would be useful to understand how existing data center partners you work with think about Hadoop, and how their tools and solutions integrate with Hadoop alongside the rest of your data architecture. This week, we announced the first three in a series of webinars designed to provide references, architectures and integration studies to make that a little easier. We kick off with perspectives from Teradata, Informatica and Revolution Analytics.

More Sandbox Tutorials. If you’ve downloaded Sandbox recently, you’ll know that it’s packed with Hadoop tutorials from Hello World, through to performing analysis on Clickstream data. This week brings more tutorials. Firstly, we provided a way of running Sandbox on OpenStack, and then we showed you how to enable NFS access to HDFS in Sandbox. But the coolest stuff is our new Partner Gallery with tutorials from Datameer, Tableau, Talend and Syncsort which help you explore Hadoop in context to these solutions. Will there be more? Oh yes.

Partners, Partners, Partners. Talking of partners, we announced our involvement in the joint Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Select offering which provides even more enterprise deployment options for Hadoop, and a reseller agreement with CSC. Meantime, we heard from two Hortonworks SI partners: Sofia Parfenovich, Data Scientist at Altoros Systems explained how Hadoop realized a 20% speed improvement in stock trading strategy selection for their customer, and Vineet Tyagi, Associate VP and Head of Innovation Labs at Impetus described a series of Hadoop on Windows solutions that Impetus have implemented for their customers.

Hoya (HBase on YARN). Hadoop 2.0 is fast approaching. Central to Hadoop 2.0 is YARN which will enable the next generation of Hadoop applications and the next series of end-user innovations arising from that. Arun hosted a webinar with more details on YARN this week and we put those resources over here. We also hosted a deep dive on Hoya with Steve and Devaraj demonstrating efforts to shift HBase to YARN. You can read about the genesis of Hoya, and something of its application architecture and persistence models in these posts. You can grab the bits on Github.

Until next week you can enjoy the selection of T-Shirts on the YARN team.


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