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May 31, 2013
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Week in Review: HDP 1.3, Hadoop on Windows, More Hadoop Tutorials

The Hadoop goodness just keeps on flowing as we’ve delivered new releases and new content in the past 10 days. Let’s recap.

HDP 1.3 ReleaseThis milestone release takes advantage of improved performance in Hive 0.11 along with delivery on a series of enterprise requirements including NFS access to HDFS, improved MTTR for HBase, business continuity through HDFS and HBase snapshots, optimized connectors to Oracle and Netezza and the latest release of Ambari for management and operations. All of this represents the wicked fast pace of community-driven open source.

The full set of components is: Hadoop 1.2.0, Hive 0.11, Pig 0.11 HBase 0.94.6, Sqoop 1.4.3, Oozie 3.3.2, ZK 3.4.5, Mahout 0.7.0 Ambari 1.2.3 – Go get it!

 Hadoop 1.2.0, Hive 0.11, Pig 0.11 HBase 0.94.6, Sqoop 1.4.3, Oozie 3.3.2, ZK 3.4.5, Mahout 0.7.0 Ambari 1.2.3

Hadoop on Windows. The imaginatively named HDP for Windows which delivers, well, HDP for Windows became generally available on May 21st. HDP for Windows is particularly exciting as it unlocks the power of Hadoop for ‘the other half’ of development teams and enterprises everywhere – same teams, same skills, same powerful standards such as Hive. You can get it here, and you can get started here.

Hadoop Tutorials in the Sandbox. Meanwhile, we released a series of new tutorials for the Hortonworks Sandbox so you can continue to build out those skills. This time we included real-life use cases and specifically analyzing website user behavior through clickstream analysis covering loading the logs, working with ODBC drivers, and analyzing and visualizing in Excel. Take that @BigDataBorat 🙂

Hive 0.11 and SQL-Compatibility. Sneaking in a little too late for our last review, Alan outlined the progress of SQL compatibility with the Hive 0.11 release which is neatly laid out below, all in the context of delivering SQL-IN-Hadoop through the Stinger Initiative.

An ever-expanding ecosystem. Did we mention that we’ve partnered with Splunk to continue to enable next generation enterprise architecture? Sure we did. And we’ve worked with Alteryx to release a whitepaper on getting started implementing Hadoop-based analytics in your organization: The Business Analyst’s Guide to Hadoop.

Hadoop Summit. Don’t forget to register – it’s going to be excitingStill time to try and squeeze into one of the Meetups: Hive, Pig, HBase, YARN, Accumulo, Ambari, Oozie, Data Science and Architecture or maybe attend Big Data Camp or Machine Learning Evening on 25th June.

Just enough time to complete those tutorials. Have a great weekend.


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