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April 26, 2013
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Week in Review: OpenStack, Data Science and Ambari

Almost time to spend a relaxing weekend in the garden, or crushing some data in your garage-based homebrew Hadoop cluster – whichever you prefer. But before we choose our path, let’s take a look at the last two weeks of happenings (I was lost in Oregon last week).

Hadoop is the perfect app for OpenStack. While I was struggling with driving directions, Red Hat, Marantis and Hortonworks were announcing plans for Project Savanna which aims to automate the deployment of Hadoop on enterprise-class OpenStack-powered clouds. Jim also wrote up some comprehensive notes from the awesome OpenStack Summit event.

Need Data Science? Here’s how to build a team. Ofer followed up his post on 4 Reasons to use Hadoop for Data Science post with some thinking on the continuum of skills and roles that represent a data science team. This proved to be something of a hot topic, and was referenced amongst some collective thinking on GigaOM. In a subsequent post, he also dived a little deeper into Data Agility.


Managing Hadoop? Some field notes from the first Apache Ambari Meetup. This inaugural meetup at our office was well attended with some great discussion, and we published the presentations and recordings over here.

[slideshare id=18692522&doc=ambarimeetup-1-architecture-livedemo-130412125156-phpapp01]


Data Warehouse? Hadoop? When to use Which. In an interview as a backdrop to a Teradata-hosted webinar: Hadoop & the Enterprise Data Warehouse: When to Use Which, Chad Meley, Eric Baldeschwieler and Stephen Brobst talk about their experiences with both as the  It’s on April 30th, so still time to register.

Considering deploying a Hadoop cluster? OK, so a Hadoop cluster sounds like an awesome idea – but what are the things you should consider in building that infrastructure. This checklist from HP maybe useful for your planning.

And finally some stuff to do:

Have a great weekend!


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