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May 17, 2013
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Week in Review: SQL IN Hadoop and Hive, Beyond Batch with YARN, NFS access to HDFS and HBase MTTR

Or as it’s more commonly being called: Week-ish in Review. Let’s recap on the latest – there’s some juicy technology goodness here.

Delivering on Stinger: Phase 1Just this week, Hive 0.11 has been released. Owen (@owen_omalley) brought us the news that 55 – yes, fifty-five – developers from across the community have addressed 386 JIRA tickets and have delivered significant improvements to Hive along with an awesome demonstration of the power of community open-source development. Thanks to everyone! This release of Hive means that we’ve delivered on the first phase of the Stinger Initiative too – aiming to deliver 100x performance increases to Hive.

Taking Hadoop Beyond Batch with YARN. All of which means we step closer to delivering SQL-in-Hadoop and respond to the needs of enterprises for multi-application operating systems for their big data. Arun (@arunmurthy) gives a terrific update on Hadoop 2.0 and YARN and how that development will move Hadoop Beyond Batch. Stay tuned!

Delivering Enterprise Hadoop through MTTR for HBase and NFS access to HDFS. Meanwhile, Nicolas Liochon (@nkeywal) and Devaraj Das (@ddraj) provide an introduction on how HBase availability is being improved through work on Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) capabilities. And then Brandon Li (@brandonli11) and Suresh Srinivas (@suresh_m_s) updated us on progress to simplify data management through NFS access to HDFS. All critical stuff for the enterprise, and all driven through the community.

Microsoft love for .NET Hadoop fans. If you’re a .NET developer and have been missing out on a little Hadoop fun, then Microsoft has started pushing out SDKs and tutorials for its Hadoop-in-the-Cloud service – HDInsight – so you can fire up Visual Studio and get rocking on that big data.

Hadoop Summit Meetups. We only announced them this week, and they’re nearly full already. Still time to try and squeeze into one of the Meetups: Hive, Pig, HBase, YARN, Accumulo, Ambari, Oozie, Data Science and Architecture or maybe attend Big Data Camp or Machine Learning Evening on 25th June as part of Hadoop Summit.

Now it’s time to go play. Have a great weekend.


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