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February 06, 2017
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Welcome to Apache Zeppelin 0.7.0

We are very excited about the release of Apache Zeppelin 0.7.0 and want to thank the Apache Foundation along with the Apache Zeppelin community. The long awaited release introduces several key features which are highlighted below, the most notable improvements in this release are in the area of multi user enhancements, pluggable visualization, Apache Spark & security improvements

Multi User Improvements

The need to run the jobs submitted through the Zeppelin UI has always been a user requirement.  Zeppelin-1320 offers this feature. When using Livy interpreter Zeppelin now automatically attaches to an existing Livy Session which results in enhanced user experience.

Pluggable Visualization

Zeppelin supports an ecosystem of interpreter backends. This was feasible since the interpreters are pluggable and documentation exists on how to add a new interpreter. With pluggable visualization added by Project Helium we hope Zeppelin also fosters a number of advanced UIs.

Spark Improvements

This release also adds support for Spark 2 including version Spark 2.1. Zeppelin now also links to Spark History Server UI from Zeppelin so users can more easily track Spark jobs. The Livy interpreter now supports specifying packages with the job.

Security Improvements

The major security improvement in Zeppelin 0.7.0 is using Apache Knox’s LDAP Realm to connect to LDAP. Zeppelin home page now lists only the nodes to which the user is authorized to access. Zeppelin now also has the ability to support PAM based authentication.

The full list of improvements is available here

Try Apache Zeppelin 0.7.0 with Spark 2.1
At Hortonworks we have always delivered the latest version of Apache Zeppelin shortly after it is released in Apache. This time is no different, we are going to deliver Apache Zeppelin 0.7.0 as a technical review with the upcoming Hortonworks Data Cloud shortly. Meanwhile many of the Zeppelin features listed here along with Spark 2.1 support are already available in Hortonworks Data Cloud. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned.

We also want to thank our customers and users of Zeppelin that provided us with valuable feedback and contributed patches.


Nathan Smith says:

Does Zeppelin support Internet Explorer 11? I am unable to see any charts in my notes in IE, but it works fine in Chrome/FF. I can see the table of data, fine — just no viz.

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