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September 12, 2012
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Welcome Hortonworks Data Platform 1.1

Hortonworks Data Platform 1.1 Brings Expanded High Availability and Streaming Data Capture, Easier Integration with Existing Tools to Improve Enterprise Reliability and Performance of Apache Hadoop

It is exactly three months to the day that Hortonworks Data Platform version 1.0 was announced. A lot has happened since that day…

  • Our distribution has been downloaded by thousands and is delivering big value to organizations throughout the world,
  • Hadoop Summit gathered over 2200 Hadoop enthusiasts into the San Jose Convention Center,
  • And, our Hortonworks team grew by leaps and bounds!

In these same three months our growing team of committers, engineers, testers and writers have been busy knocking out our next release, Hortonworks Data Platform 1.1.  We are delighted to announce availability of HDP 1.1 today! With this release, we expand our high availability options with the addition of Red Hat based HA, add streaming capability with Flume, expand monitoring API enhancements and have made significant performance improvements to the core platform.

Ask our sales and support teams, adoption of Apache Hadoop is clearly growing.  In order to accelerate this wide spread interest and adoption our customers demand that their Hadoop distribution is both stable and reliable. It is overwhelming… the enterprise needs to have confidence in the platform.  To this end, we are dedicated to meeting these expectations and these key new features in HDP 1.1 represent a step in that right direction.

Highly Available Hadoop
Not only is HDP 1.1 built on the most stable and reliable release of Hadoop, we are the only distribution to provide full stack high availability on this release. With HDP 1.1, we extend our HA options with the ability to include the most current versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and the High Availability Add On. So, now our customers have an option to use industry leading solutions from both VMware and Red Hat as well.

Capturing Data Streams
The addition of Apache Flume into the distribution enables expanded streaming data capture for analysis within the Hortonworks Data Platform. Organizations can now easily and reliably collect and analyze real-time data streams, such as high-volume web logs, in Apache Hadoop, driving additional insights from data that was previously too bulky to capture and process.

Empowering Ops
Operations is a key player in a Hadoop implementation as they are tasked with monitoring and managing the Hadoop infrastructure.  HDP 1.1 delivers easier and deeper integration into third-party management tools and systems so that operations can more easily manage a cluster along side other resources… through a single pane of glass.

Faster, Faster
Hadoop is fast, but why not make it faster?  With this release, we have tested out a 10% + performance improvement on MapReduce jobs over our previous release.  Faster read and writes speed data capture and delivery within the platform. Improved Map Reduce execution performance means that jobs process data more quickly.

To get started with HDP 1.1, please visit our downloads page.

There are also a wealth of useful technical resources available as well, including online documentation, community forums and a Hortonworks knowledge base. Please visit the Community section of our website for these resources and more.

Finally, please join us for our next “What’s New” webinar this week where we will talk more about the new 1.1 features.


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