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June 12, 2017
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Flexible Support for Big Data Workloads in the Cloud

This week, Hortonworks announced the availability of a new support subscription, the Hortonworks Flexible Support Subscription. But what does this mean?

The definition of flexible is as follows “characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements “.  And this is exactly what the new subscription offering is – a support option that is readily adaptable to new, different or changing requirements. In this case, the changing requirement is the transition to cloud.

Hortonworks recognizes the need for enterprises to transition to the cloud, and that has been enabled via our HDCloud (Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS) and Microsoft, HDInsight offerings. Beyond that, being in the business of powering big data success via support subscriptions we are now able to offer a single support subscription that both matches fluctuating usage patterns AND seamlessly spans on-prem, cloud and hybrid deployment options.

New Flex Support Subscription Offering

A flex support subscription gives enterprises access to a single portable support subscription that “follows you” as your workloads fluctuate over time and across infrastructure. Based on a one year period, enterprises have a usage-based credit system for support, applicable to HDP on-premise, HDP on IaaS, Cloudbreak and HDCloud workloads. All this means:

  • Enterprise support for Data Science (Spark), ETL (Hive) and Analytics (Hive LLAP) workloads running in HDCloud
  • Seamlessly cover workloads running in-data-center and on-cloud through the same support subscription for seamless transferability to cloud
  • Flexible alternative for more variable on-prem workloads such as Dev, QA and ephemeral production

Also, since every Hortonworks support subscription comes with SmartSense for advanced analytics of diagnostic data to prevent issues and improve performance of HDP, this Flexible Support subscription enables enterprises to:

  • Run workloads more efficiently with SmartSense – for example some customers found SmartSense increased on-prem Hadoop performance 2x
  • Proactive issue resolution & personalized cluster insights
  • Improved performance and capacity planning with SmartSense

To learn more about how Hortonworks Flex support subscription are powers big data success in the cloud, register for the webinar on June 27th.

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