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October 12, 2016
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What’s the best cloud architecture—and how do you keep it secure?

People often think about cloud architecture in simplistic terms: you’re either public, private, or hybrid. (In fact, there’s even confusion about the meaning of the term “hybrid” itself—this video helps clear it up:

In the real world, of course, virtually every implementation is hybrid—no company puts 100% of its IT environment into one single cloud. The real question is, what kind of hybrid approach is right for your business? Which resources do you want to migrate to a service provider, and which do you need to keep within you own datacenter or elsewhere? This discussion will shed light on the way to design the hybrid strategy that works best for you:

In the cloud just as much as on-prem, security is paramount. Well-intentioned IT professionals often take the approach of applying the same security best practices in the cloud that they rely on in their datacenter. It sounds reasonable, but it overlooks crucial differences in the nature of cloud use cases, workloads and technologies. Find out the right way to think about cloud security here:


We hope you’ve found our blog series on Big Data and cloud useful for leveraging the benefits of this powerful combination. Want to learn more about the Hortonworks-Microsoft partnership that’s extending these benefits to billions of people worldwide? You can find more information here.

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