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March 10, 2016
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What’s new in SmartSense 1.2?

Hortonworks launched SmartSense in 2015 to help customers quickly collect cluster configuration, metrics, and logs to proactively detect issues, and expedite support cases troubleshooting.  This diagnostic information is packaged into an encrypted and anonymized bundle and sent to Hortonworks for analysis.  The result of that analysis is available as customized recommendations to help prevent issues and improve the performance and operations of the cluster.

With SmartSense 1.2, we focused on the following key areas:

  • Ease-of-Use
  • Automatic Upload
  • Expanded Recommendations

Ease-of-Use: Built Into Ambari 2.2

SmartSense 1.2 is now part of the default services in Ambari 2.2, enabling customers to simply choose it as a service during install, or post-install.  This eliminates the need for manual steps that were previously required to install and activate SmartSense. For many customers this means a change request isn’t required for getting SmartSense deployed to their cluster.

Automatic Upload: Complex Network Environments

Anytime the information needs to leave the datacenter, logistics around data transfer become complicated.  With SmartSense 1.2, a new component, the SmartSense Gateway, allows for a single firewall rule and a central point of egress for bundles leaving the datacenter. The SmartSense Gateway can be deployed anywhere within the organization and shared between multiple SmartSense instances. The illustration below shows how this works:

HortonworksSmartSense_1.2More information on deploying the Gateway, and setting up an automatic Analysis bundle capture schedule is available here.

Expanded Recommendations: More is Better

Bundles sent to Hortonworks for analysis are provided with security, performance, and operations recommendations for our key stack components.  In this release we’ve increased our ruleset by 4x allowing us to cover more HDP component versions and providing more in-depth analysis for HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Tez, Hive, and HBase.  Here is what our customers are saying about SmartSense:

“Hadoop configuration is something that we’ve struggled with quite a bit, and having SmartSense take the guesswork out of our configuration validation by giving us a single source of truth has been immensely valuable”

“The continuous analysis provided by SmartSense provides tremendous value”

“Our jobs are now complete in 10 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes before SmartSense.”

“I sleep better at night knowing that my cluster configuration is current”

Getting Started

SmartSense works with both Ambari, and non-Ambari managed clusters.  All versions of Linux supported by HDP are certified with SmartSense, including non-root deployments.  Installation is quick, and a complete end-to-end walkthrough is available at

Need more information?  Take a look at the documentation available here, ask a question on HCC, or reach out to your Hortonworks Account Team.


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