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January 14, 2016
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Why Hortonworks and Why Partnerworks

A couple of months ago I joined Hortonworks. There was an undeniable pull to go into the fire of crazy fast innovation and growth. About four seconds in, I realized there was so much more than just the pace of execution and growth but rather a bigger opportunity to be a part of something game-changing. The opportunity to partake in trailblazing the world of data. The opportunity to offer a unique value proposition of truly 100% open technology. The opportunity to rally the IT industry around open source innovation in the enterprise.

The question came – what more do we need to do for our customers, community and partners to fully realize the potential and seize the opportunities of open source in the enterprise?

Being the new partner guy this is where I step in. Very simply, we needed to take our partner program to the next level. Our 1500+ partners have played a critical role in our success and will continue to be absolutely essential as we take the data industry forward for customers. And so Partnerworks was born.

PartnerworksPartnerworks is a new program being launched today. Partnerworks brings an elevated level of investment, resource, capability and value for the ecosystem. Partners now have:

  • Tailored experiences and various levels of engagement to support
    each partner type
  • New and more extensive trainings, deep technical resources and
    go-to-market benefits
  • New Partner desk for all partner inquiries, requests for
    information, program needs and more

Partners always have a choice when it comes to investments in enablement, practice capabilities and go-to-market efforts and we are striving to make Partnerworks the easiest, most robust and valuable program in our market.

Partners are key to Hortonworks go forward strategy. As more customers leverage our technology they are looking for leadership from a strong ecosystem of players that have the capability and expertise to help them on the journey of becoming data driven companies.

Together with our partners, this is going to be a great year for our industry.

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