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September 28, 2015
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Why Hortonworks?

Career choices are hard to make. How do you make the call to step out of your comfort zone, move on from a team you have built, disrupt your family life… how do you know when it’s the right opportunity?

Find a company that is customer-first focused (this is especially important to me as I lead support organizations), has an incredible technology, and has a tremendous market opportunity.

Hortonworks made my decision easy.

Support alignment: At Hortonworks, Support is aligned under Development. Typically a company’s maturity is determined by the alignment of support to the go-to-market team. However, this eventually proves inefficient and creates tension that often translates poorly to overall customer satisfaction.

Hadoop is challenging in many ways – technology is still developing and most customers are still maturing – but there is a very high overall solution and delivery expectation. With such sensitive, high touch customer engagement, it is absolutely essential that we are nimble in catering to customer needs. Aligning support to Development is the winning solution to Hadoop and Opensource Technologies. RedHat realized this fairly early in their lifecycle as a company. Hortonworks, Inc. realized very early that putting ‘Customer First’ was the only winning model.

Solution focused: I believe there is a sense in the industry that any strategic alignment will take typically two years to yield results. With that framework in mind, we need to keep in mind that Hadoop is shifting from the IT World to the Business World very quickly. Businesses have problems and they need solutions to these problems, solutions that are “out-of-the-box” and give businesses a clear ROI. There will come a point when the industry will care less for the platform and more for the solution(s) we deliver as well as the ROI that comes with it.

Hortonworks invested early and invested right in a solution focused approach to business verticals. This is certainly the right market and the right time.

Company Growth: Constant customer focus and a solution-focused strategy have certainly proved to be a winning model for Hortonworks. The numbers speak for themselves, from earnings to customer growth, and I really believe in the potential of the company and its rapid growth plans.

Market Opportunity: The recent acquisition of Onyara also clearly cemented a foundation of what is to come. IoT is real and here to stay. Smart devices are here to stay. Wearable technology is here to stay. All of these will play a significant role in shaping consumer behavior in the years to come.

Big Data is booming, the Internet of Anything is the next big opportunity, and Hortonworks has the best strategy at play. Hortonworks was clearly a winning choice for me.



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