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October 30, 2015
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Why our customers rely on Hortonworks?

“After trying other distributions and being dissatisfied with both the level of support and the technical bench depth, we moved to the Hortonworks platform and have been very happy with the quality of the service we have received at all levels.” Source: Techvalidate TVID A4E-CEC-532.

Selecting a data platform is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make for your business. This platform is going to serve as the foundation for all of your big data strategies and will enable all of your analytics applications. Without the right data platform, you’re going to find your options are limited and you will be unable to do some of the things necessary to move ahead in the business world. You’re not just selecting a tool—you’re deciding on a strategic partner to help you through your Big Data Journey. Deciding on your data platform involves looking at things like offerings, vision, strategy, services, support, and the overall experience you’ll have with your partner.

Hortonworks Customer Experience Survey

We were interested in learning why our customers chose or continue to choose to work with Hortonworks instead of another company. From our point of view, we know what we offer and what we believe customers will find valuable, but we wanted to hear directly from our customers if these reasons are why they are working with us. To that end, we sent out a customer survey to see what customers value the most. In this blog series, I’ll discuss what insights we gained from this survey, look at what criteria our customers used in evaluating the different Hadoop distribution companies out there, and report on what our customers find unique with Hortonworks. First, let’s look at what our customers said made Hortonworks stand out.


Our customers marked innovation as one of the main reasons they selected Hortonworks. They pointed to commitment in the Apache® Hadoop™ community and ability to deliver the latest developments are critical factors in selecting a data platform vendor. Unlike most other vendors who rely on their own software release process, our 100% alignment with Apache® releases and our innovation within the community is greatly appreciated. Many highlighted this strategic differentiation in their responses and pointed out that the way we work with the Hadoop community of experts is truly different from our competitors.


Not all data platforms are built on open source code, and even some that claim to be open are not entirely open. Any proprietary code into data platform blocks its interoperability. It also may make it more difficult to port the applications to other platforms, lock out other vendors’ solutions, and restrict customer choices. Our customers see interoperability as a necessity, and it’s one of the critical attributes that lead to their decision to work with Hortonworks as opposed to other data platform providers.

Central Architecture, End-to-End Services, and Enterprise Ready

Customers also listed a few other reasons why Hortonworks is their Hadoop distribution of choice. Our architecture puts all critical functionality such as security, governance, resource management, and other operations into one centralized core. YARN ready certification warrants that all the certified applications can utilize these platform capabilities. Those platforms that are not centralized require every application to have its own silo, fragmenting the architecture and wasting resources. Our centralized architecture is a critical asset to our customers and one they greatly appreciate. Another factor that plays a major decision in selecting a Hadoop provider is the end-to-end services offering. Hortonworks partners with customers from the first design of the finalized production and through development to deployment.


Our survey showed that customers truly do value: 100% Apache® community-drive innovation, interoperability, centralized architecture, our lifecycle services, and our enterprise-ready solutions. Customers greatly value all of these things and understand that proprietary systems are simply too limited in many aspects. That’s why they choose Hortonworks.

This is just the first blog in a series that will focus on more insights we gained from this survey. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at the results of the survey yourself at

About the Author


Cuneyt Buyukbezci is the senior director of global product marketing for Hortonworks.  In this role, he leads Hortonworks portfolio marketing, pricing, and competitive intelligence. His background includes twenty years in enterprise software, including leading marketing and go to market organizations for HP Software, Sun Microsystems software, and CA Technologies.  Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on twitter.


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