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September 10, 2014
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YARN Ready Informatica Big Data Edition Trial Sandbox for Hortonworks Available Today

Hortonworks and Informatica have teamed up to provide the data systems and tools making up the foundation of the modern data architecture. Today, Scott Hedrick, Director of Big Data Partnerships at Informatica, tells us more about the brand new Informatica Big Data Edition Trial Sandbox for Hortonworks

With the help of our friends at Hortonworks, the Informatica Big Data team has preinstalled a 60-day trial version of the Informatica Big Data Edition into the Hortonworks Sandbox. This free trial enables you to download and test out the Big Data Edition on your notebook or spare computer and experience your own personal Modern Data Architecture (MDA). Since 80% of the effort in Big Data projects is moving and preparing the data, Informatica Big Data Edition plays a key role in enabling a MDA, while the Hortonworks Sandbox is the fastest way to get familiar with Hadoop.

Accelerate Time To Value

Informatica Big Data Edition’s codeless, visual development environment accelerates the ability of enterprises to put their Hortonworks Data Platform clusters into production. As an alternative to implementing complex hand coded data movement and transformation, the Big Data Edition enables high-performance data integration and quality pipelines that leverage the full power of each node of your Hadoop cluster with team based visual tools that can be used by any ETL developer.

Not only can the Big Data Edition reduce the risk and time of your getting Hadoop into production, Informatica abstracts away the complexity and ever evolving Hadoop ecosystem of languages and processing frameworks. Informatica Big Data Edition is certified YARN Ready by Hortonworks to play nicely with the other applications in the data lake. Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports a 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise, as well as training, support & services. It gives companies the foundation needed to build their Modern Data Architecture and fully unlock the value of their big data with Enterprise Apache Hadoop.

Hortonworks-INFA Joint Reference Architecture 090814

Leverage Existing Skills

Since the data mappings created in the visual development environment of Big Data Edition abstract away changes in Hadoop, mappings don’t need to be modified as Hive, Map Reduce, Stinger, Tez and other Hadoop projects evolve. The one hundred thousand plus Informatica developers available around the world are now Hadoop developers. Companies currently using Informatica can adapt their existing Informatica mappings running on traditional systems to run on Hortonworks with minimal effort.

For Telco and Internet of Things systems, Informatica’s visual data parsing and prebuilt parsers make it much easier to get unstructured and specially formatted data into Hadoop, combined with traditional data and cleansed for analytics and operational systems. Financial institutions, healthcare corporations, and other highly regulated organizations will appreciate the greater governance they get with their Hadoop data using Informatica.

Informatica Big Data Edition is the most complete and powerful suite for Hadoop data pipelines and can increase productivity up to 5 times. Developers can leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box Informatica pre-built transforms and connectors for structured and unstructured data processing on Hadoop. With the Informatica Vibe Virtual Data Machine running directly on each node of the Hadoop cluster, the Big Data Edition can profile, parse, transform and cleanse data at any scale to prepare data for data science, business intelligence and operational analytics.
The Informatica Big Data Edition Trial Sandbox for Hortonworks is a 60 day trial version of the Big Data Edition preinstalled inside a 1-node Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Hadoop cluster. The trial features sample data and mappings as well as getting started documentation and videos. You can try your own data with the trials, but processing is limited to the 1-node Hadoop cluster and system you are running it on. Any mappings you develop in the trial can be easily moved on to a production Hadoop cluster running the Big Data Edition.

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Dear Team,
I am trying to install Informatica big data editio trial sandbox vm from and its leading to could not server page with following error Description: Could not connect to the server “”.Could you please help me to install the Informatica Big Data Edition Trial Sandbox VM.

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