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June 17, 2014
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ZirMed, Microsoft and Hortonworks: We Do Hadoop Together

Big Data In Healthcare

Electronic data is the heartbeat in a healthcare provider’s office. ZirMed is a Hortonworks customer and a leading provider of healthcare information management solutions. Healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals and large health systems, use the company’s cloud-based revenue cycle management offerings to manage the complex process of billing and collecting revenue from patients and payers.

ZirMed’s Analytics solution aggregates healthcare data and makes it available to its customers, so they get a clearer view of their financial and operational performance.

ZirMed Analytics runs atop Hortonworks Data Platform, integrated with their Microsoft Windows operating systems and SQL Server database platform. The combined infrastructure provides faster, more detailed analytics to ZirMed’s healthcare customers—to keep that heartbeat of electronic data pumping in provider offices across the country.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how ZirMed, Microsoft and Hortonworks do Hadoop together.

You’ll find out why ZirMed’s CTO, Chris Schremser, says, “Now that we have this awesome platform around Hadoop that allows us to leverage the data, and we have the smart folks at Hortonworks backing us every step of the way, I’m excited not just that I get to work with really great technology, but I get to work in really great technology in a space that desperately needs the overhaul.”

Learn More

  • Visit our Healthcare Does Hadoop page to learn more about how Apache Hadoop helps providers and patients with better data to make important healthcare decisions.
  • Visit our Microsoft partner page to learn more about how Hortonworks and Microsoft do Hadoop on Windows together.
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