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We needed to increase confidence in the KPIs used to drive the decision-making process in our business. Hortonworks allowed us to develop insights into our operations that will enable improved service and future growth.

- David Goffinet, CIO

FireKing Case Study


FireKing Security Group manufactures a broad array of security products with best-in-class service and support for businesses around the world. The products and services they offer focus solely on protecting customers’ assets, people, and vital information. These products include safes, office products and video security devices to protect cash and other valuable assets at
businesses or in the home. FireKing also provides services that increase its clients’ operational efficiency by reducing their costs of servicing safes, cash-management systems and commercial locking hardware.

Business Challenge

FireKing employs over 80 field technicians spread across the continental US, each driving a company truck. In addition, FireKing leverages a network of third-party contractors for a portion of service delivery. These field service workers perform nearly 50,000 service jobs per year.

A mobile solution electronically captures the entirety of field operations data, which has grown to terabytes. FireKing also retains some operational data within the HR payroll system, but the company had never been able to combine and correlate these separate data sets to discover important relationships.

In an effort to optimize the impact of its field service personnel, FireKing uses three different performance metrics to measure technician productivity: Job Completion Rate (JCR), Stops Per Day, and Utilization. The company manually converted its raw operational data into these aggregate productivity measures, which left doubt as to the validity of its final results.


FireKing chose Hortonworks Data Platform as the foundation for its Big Data project. FireKing used HDP to process and analyze structured data such as work order and payroll records, as well as unstructured data on service locations. It combined data from multiple sources originating from both the Field Operations and HR departments. FireKing used Hortonworks Data Platform to combine service and payroll data for a single view of technician productivity. FireKing leaders gained confidence in the validity of their KPIs and then used those for proactive planning that drove the business.


Hortonworks Data Platform delivered a 360-degree view of FireKing’s field operations, so the company could optimize field productivity.

The JCR helps FireKing assess the overall productivity of its field technicians. Previous methods for collecting and processing raw productivity data were time consuming, tedious, and error-prone. With Hortonworks Data Platform, FireKing now uses reliable field operations and payroll data to get the most accurate performance metrics on its technicians.

FireKing’s 80 field technicians each operate a service truck carrying high-value inventory. Small improvements in the utilization of FireKing field technicians can have an enormous effect on quality of service and the utilization of company trucks. Hortonworks Data Platform gives FireKing continuous insight from a single view of its operations—insight necessary to better deploy its field technicians and operations resources.