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FireKing offers best-in-class security products for asset protection in retail, commercial, and home office environments. These products include safes, office products and video security devices to protect cash and other valuable assets at businesses or in the home.

FireKing also provides services that increase its clients’ operational efficiency by reducing their costs of servicing safes, cash-management systems and commercial locking hardware. With Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), FireKing can now analyze its operational data to accurately measure the productivity of service technicians, allowing the field service organization to deliver improved customer service while reducing costs wherever possible.

Field Service Challenges Before HDP

FireKing employs over 80 field technicians spread across the continental US, each driving a company truck. In addition, FireKing leverages a network of third-party contractors for a portion of service delivery. These field service workers perform nearly 50,000 service jobs per year.

A mobile solution electronically captures the entirety of field operations data, which has grown to terabytes. FireKing also retains some operational data within the HR payroll system, but the company had never been able to combine and correlate these separate data sets to discover important relationships.

In an effort to optimize the impact of its field service personnel, FireKing uses three different performance metrics to measure technician productivity: Job Completion Rate (JCR), Stops Per Day, and Utilization. This is of critical importance to FireKing, as David Goffinet, CIO at FireKing reasons, “This affects us from a financial point of view, but it also makes for a happier customer.”

The company manually converted its raw operational data into these aggregate productivity measures, which left doubt as to the validity of its final results. In fact, FireKing had important questions about the raw data itself:

  1. Was all necessary data being captured?

  2. Was it the right data for the optimal reports?

  3. Was the raw data of acceptable quality?

FireKing used Hortonworks Data Platform to combine service and payroll data for a single view of technician productivity. FireKing leaders gained confidence in the validity of their KPIs and then used those for proactive planning that drove the business.

Deploying the HDP Cluster with SI Partner Softechnologies

FireKing chose Hortonworks Data Platform as the foundation for its Big Data project. FireKing used HDP to process and analyze structured data such as work order and payroll records, as well as unstructured data on service locations. It combined data from multiple sources originating from both the Field Operations and HR departments,

The professional services team from Hortonworks SI partner Softechnologies assisted FireKing to deploy an HDP cluster suitable for its use cases. Softechnologies further worked with FireKing to secure the business data, import the data into HDP, and perform the required analytics on the data after it was in place.

The Results: Improved Insight and Confidence in KPIs

Hortonworks Data Platform delivered a 360-degree view of FireKing’s field operations, so the company could optimize field productivity.

According to David Goffinet, CIO at FireKing, “We needed to increase confidence in the KPIs used to drive the decision making process in our business. Hortonworks allowed us to develop insights into our operations that will enable improved service and future growth.”

More Accurate Performance Metrics

The JCR helps FireKing assess the overall productivity of its field technicians. Previous methods for collecting and processing raw productivity data were time consuming, tedious, and error-prone. With Hortonworks Data Platform, FireKing now uses reliable field operations and payroll data to get the most accurate performance metrics on its technicians.

Improved Staffing Precision

FireKing management must forecast future demand for field technicians. To do this, FireKing relies on the number of stops or visits performed within a given workday. With all the data in HDP, leaders can now easily understand the total volume of work performed each day. This data provides granular insight into past service demand which can then be used to confidently predict future needs and then optimize FireKing’s staffing to match that demand.

Improved Fleet Utilization

FireKing’s 80 field technicians each operate a service truck carrying high-value inventory. Small improvements in the utilization of FireKing field technicians can have an enormous effect on quality of service and the utilization of company trucks.

Service quality improvements increase revenue through customer retention and more efficient management of the vehicle fleet reduces the company’s operating expenses. Both of these benefit overall profitability.

Hortonworks Data Platform gives FireKing continuous insight from a single view of its operations—insight necessary to better deploy its field technicians and operations resources.

Plans for the Future: Continue the Journey

Based on the results FireKing has obtained from initial exploration with Hadoop, the organization plans to move forward with efforts to better understand and optimize their business. Future plans with Hadoop include the addition of GPS data from company vehicles that have been recently retrofitted with a fleet management system. Additionally, the introduction of financial and revenue data to place focus on balancing the cost and revenue components of field operations.

With these and other advances facilitated by Hadoop, FireKing seeks to maximize their value-proposition for customers and continue to strive for the delivery of world-class field services.

About FireKing Security Group

FireKing Security Group manufactures a broad array of security products with best-in-class service and support for businesses around the world. The products and services they offer focus solely on protecting customers' assets, people, and vital information. FireKing’s headquarters are located in New Albany, Indiana.