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Neustar is a cloud based information services and analytics company based in Sterling, Virginia. The company’s 1,500 employees provide trusted, real-time information and analytics to marketing, Internet, communication services and entertainment companies in the U.S. and around the world. These services help Neustar clients effectively promote and protect their businesses and insure optimal network performance.

Neustar delivers two types of services helping clients promote and protect their businesses:
• Information Services and Analytics This includes: real-time identification; verification and scoring; IT/security monitoring and mitigation; Web performance optimization and marketing; Web security; and network optimization analytics.
• Data Registry Services This includes: the management of North America’s Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC); Domain Registries; Caller Name Delivery and Domain Name Services (DNS).

Business Challenge

Neustar needed to extend their business to capture new opportunities in the burgeoning information services and analytics space. The immense volume of data flowing through the company’s data registries was valuable, and there was an opportunity to optimize that value for clients in a privacy-friendly manner.

At the time, Neustar’s data architecture was insufficient to meet the challenge. Because of storage costs and capacity limitations, the company was storing only 20 terabytes of its network data (less than 10% of the total data available). They were only retaining that for 60 days, on a rolling basis. The Neustar team took on the challenge of capturing and storing 100% of the data and to store that for at least one year.


Neustar began its next generation data platform project with the company’s core beliefs for the evolution of its technology. The Hortonworks business philosophy aligned well with those core beliefs. Hadoop enabled Neustar to move from limited sampling and aggregation for 45 days of data to 100% capture of detailed records for over a year. Data sources that they never dreamed of retaining are now easily ingested and queried.

In the recent past, application exhaust data was only used within the confines of a single application and for the benefit of the clients of that application. With the implementation of Hadoop, insight is enriched through the mashing of data across applications.


By moving to HDP, Neustar has met the challenge of capturing and storing 100% of the raw data flowing through its networks. Hadoop’s storage efficiency improved Neustar’s data capacity by 150 times over its architecture before Hadoop.

The team surpassed the goal of retaining one year’s data. Now they can save and retain data for up to two years in a secure, privacy compliant manner. More data has translated to more insight. The Hadoop ecosystem enables Neustar to create products that help clients improve the effectiveness of promoting and protecting their businesses.