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Parametric Portfolio Associates

Parametric has been providing engineered portfolio solutions to institutional and private clients for over a quarter of a century, with a sharp focus on implementation excellence and client-specific customization.

As Parametric’s capabilities have grown, so has our firm. In 2007, we added options-based strategies to our products and services. In 2012, we acquired The Clifton Group, an institutionally focused asset management firm that also traces its roots to the mid 1980’s as providers of highly customized solutions. And, in order to meet the needs of institutions in Australia, we established offices in Sydney in 2014.

Today, Parametric offers systematic alpha strategies that seek to outperform designated benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis by applying systematic, rules-based asset class exposure. Our customized exposure management solutions use individual securities, exchange-traded funds, futures, options and other derivative instruments to construct and manage portfolios to assist clients in meeting their market exposure, risk management, tax management and return objectives.