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Hortonworks Data Heroes

Data Visionary Finalists for Asia Pacific
Hortonworks Data Heroes Program

Winner to be announced at DataWorks Summit
Sydney, Australia | September 20-21

Congratulations! You have been chosen as one of three Data Visionary finalists for the Asia Pacific region in the Hortonworks Data Heroes customer awards program.

A panel of experts will choose the winner, to be announced at the 2017 DataWorks Summit in Sydney, Australia. This web form is for you to submit your heroic information that those judges will review to choose a winner.

In order to accept your invitation to DataWorks Summit, you must complete and submit this form before end of the day on Friday, July 28. All information you provide in connection with this submission form will be shared with the Data Hero judges and may also be publicly disclosed for marketing or promotional purposes. Contest rules apply.

To set yourself apart from the other two Sydney finalists in your Data Visionary category, we recommend these best practices for the information you provide:

  • Be as descriptive as possible. Our panel of experts will choose winners based on this written information. Make sure that you detail the areas that set you apart.

  • Focus on innovation. How are you using Hortonworks Data Platform and/or Hortonworks DataFlow to overcome the contraints imposed by your prior data architecture? How did you lead change in processes to leverage the benefits from that technological change?

  • Describe the transformative impact of your use cases. What use cases are you enabling with Hortonworks solutions? How well have those use cases succeeded and how have they transformed your department, your company/organization, and your industry?

  • Share results. We love data. Share whatever statistics you can on the impact to your business or organization (such as cost savings, improved results, increased customer satisfaction, etc).