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Apache NiFi and MiNiFi: Edge to Core

In this meetup we’ll discuss Apache NiFi and MiNiFi, how they work together to provide end-to-end data collection and flow management, and provide an overview of the latest features. NiFi is an extensible data processing and integration framework. It can construct highly structured data flows with connectors into many traditional and Hadoop-related technologies.

We’ll highlight key capability areas including:

• End to end flow management with MiNiFi and NiFi

• Performance boosts in the core framework and provenance

• Encrypted provenance repository implementation and upcoming content and flowfile repositories

• Powerful record reader/writer abstraction for high performance event transformation, SQL queries over data streams, and efficient serialization and deserialization to and from systems like Kafka, Hadoop, and others

• The new Registry subproject which will provide centralized management of versioned flows, extensions, and assets

This is also an excellent opportunity for the community of users and developers to share feedback directly with a committer on the project and ask tailored questions about their use cases and dataflow journey.

We’ll have plenty of Apache NiFi stickers on hand and possibly an Apache NiFi T-Shirt or secret patch to give out.
Make plans to join us the night before Summit kicks off to get the latest scoop on Apache NiFi and learn about moving and protecting your data.

Speaker Bio:
Andy LoPresto is a software engineer focused on information security. He is a Committer and PMC member for Apache NiFi and has experience securing (and un-securing) data at some of the largest and smallest organizations around the world. He is a fan of responsible, secure vulnerability disclosure and aggressive test-driven development.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
ICC Sydney 14 Darling Drive, Sydney