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Deep Learning on Hortonworks Data Platform

In association with the Czech & Slovak Hadoop User Group (, this Future of Data inauguration meetup will demonstrate the recent developments brought to you by Hortonworks ( the leader in open source Big Data technologies.

We are enjoying the generosity of our local host, Ataccama (, the company that specializes in delivering smart and collaborative data curation solutions for the Digital Age.

Talk of the evening:

Deep Learning on HDP

Tim Spann was a Senior Solutions Architect at AirisData working with Apache Spark and Machine Learning.


“We will discuss and show hands-on examples of using Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache MXNet, TensorFlow and Apache NiFi for deep learning applications.

As part of the talk we will walk through an end to end pipeline using a TensorFlow NiFi processor, Apache NXNet Pre-Built Models, MXNet’s New Model Server with Apache NiFi, executing MXNet and TensorFlow with Apache NiFi and running Apache MXNet on edge nodes utilizing Python and Apache MiniFi.

This talk is geared towards Data Engineers interested in the basics of Deep Learning with open source Apache tools in a Big Data environment.

We will walk through source code examples available in github and run the code live on an HDP cluster.”

Please note that talks are in English.

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Ataccama office: Futurama Business Park, Sokolovská 685/136f, 186 00 · Prague