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Enterprise Dataflow with Apache NiFi

Title:  Enterprise Dataflow with Apache NiFi


Connecting systems across the large distributed enterprise has become increasingly complex and yet increasingly critical to get right.  Organizations focused on large scale and sophisticated analysis of data have learned that reliable acquisition of quality data requires much more than just a messaging-based architecture and that simply having large quantities of data is not enough.  This talk will introduce the key concepts and motivations behind Apache NiFi.  The talk will describe why real-time means more than just quick access to data, show the value of interactive command and control and that true security requires a comprehensive approach to both data and control planes, and introduce the transformative capability that true data provenance provides.  Powerful analytic systems in the Hadoop ecosystem and beyond require quality data – Apache NiFi is designed to tackle that problem.

Speaker:  Joe Witt ,  Sr Director of Engineering at Hortonworks Inc.

In 2006 Joe created NiFi.  After many years of product development and contribution from countless development and operations experts the NSA released the software to the Apache Software Foundation as Apache NiFi.  Joe is a member of the Apache NiFi PMC, serves as the Apache NiFi VP, and is now leading up the engineering efforts at Hortonworks to provide Hortonworks DataFlow which is powered by Apache NiFi.

Thursday, October 1, 2015
The University of Advancing Technology 2625 W. BASELINE RD., Tempe, AZ