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Future of Data: Silicon Valley – Make Streaming IoT Analytics Work For You: The Devil is in the Details

Real-time streaming analytics drives value for every business – from  advertising to IoT enabled smart cities.  Streaming technology must be able to continuously capture and process terabytes of data from a growing cacophony of sources – clickstreams, financial transactions, social media feeds, IT logs, location-tracking events etc.

To make all this work for you there is a need for high throughput, low-latency fault-tolerant distributed systems with specialized algorithms, complex event processing, and fine control over data in transit.  And you need a standards based approach to make everything work together.

We will share how to leverage streaming technologies to build standards based cloud services that are able to securely discover, register, authenticate and communicate with IoT devices, and thus allow delivery of large scale analytics that enable the delivery of DNS, identity, marketing, data information, real time analytics, security and communications services to the IoT

Monday, May 9, 2016
Hortonworks HQ, 5470 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA