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A Great Artist Can Come From Anywhere

A slightly different event compared to our typical tech talk centric meetups, this time we’re going to chat about engineering workforce around (big) data solutions.

Building the Future of Data needs people with future-proof skills. How do we find & train these people? The default assumption is that we’re looking for strong Java and demonstrated Big Data skills. In general yes, but one needs to think out of the box and flexible to identify top talent for the job.

We have learned to appreciate a huge variety of skills in cloud, networks, linux, devops, C++, scala, etc. So what is the single most important thing in a candidate? At-ti-tu-de.

This is going to be our topic of the evening, with the below panelists:

Siobhan Hourihan (International HR Director)
Caroline Herlihy (EMEA Recruitment Manager)
Gergely Devenyi (MD, Hortonworks Hungary)
Tibor Kiss (Engineering Manager, Sustaining Team)

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Hortonworks Budapest: Wesselenyi utca 16/b. - 3rd floor, Budapest