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Powering the Future of Data in the Cloud

Hadoop cluster in a few clicks

Presented by Balint Farkas, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

Do you have a Big Data project to launch but no servers on-prem? This talk will demonstrate the outcome of a strategic partnership between Hortonworks and Microsoft, notably Azure HDInsights.

Headache free set-up and maintenance – you can launch a Hadoop cluster in Azure with a couple of clicks and you can run it as a managed service in the cloud.

Enjoy pay-per-use fee structures and scale out to 100s of machines without budgeting serious up-front investments. 

The talk & demo will walk you through a wing-to-wing project from data ingestion to visualization with Power BI.

Surprise talk

Presented by Hortonworks, more details to come.


Generously sponsored by Microsoft, who are the hosts of this joint event.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Microsoft Magyarország Graphisoft park 3., Budapest