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Red Hat & Hortonworks: Follow the Open Source Leaders

In association with DataPivo, this Future of Data inauguration meetup will demonstrate the recent developments brought to you by two leaders in open source Big Data technologies: Hortonworks and Red Hat.

Talks of the evening:

From open source innovation to enterprise readiness

Gergely Devenyi (Managing Director) is a long-time data warehousing and business intelligence veteran with extensive experience managing engineering teams.

Peter Erdos (Cloudbreak R&D) is an experienced software developer specializing in solving complex cloud deployment problems lately.


At Hortonworks, we are dedicated to help our customers solve big data problems with the Hadoop ecosystem with 100% Open Source software. In this talk, we are going to expand on three topics:

a/ The Apache Way at Hortonworks – how do we align to the ASFmeritocracy

b/ Maintenance and support challenges of deploying Hadoop in enterprise production environments

c/ Our unique initaitive in facilitating & automating Hadoop deployment into commercial and private clouds

Blockchain analysis using Jupyter and Spark on top of OpenShift

Jiri Kremser – red hatter, geek, juggler, señor developer, father of two and member of team.


Let’s explore the transaction graph of the Bitcoin network using the GraphFrames API. I’ll show how easy it is to run the Spark cluster in OpenShift using our templates. Simple application using pyspark written in the Jupyter notebook will connect to the cluster and run the calculation on top of it.

Talks are in English. Beers to follow at a nearby public house.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Red Hat Czech: Purkyňova 99, Brno