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Update on Hive Replication and Introduction to ABAC for Hadoop with Ranger

We are excited to have our first Future of Data meetup in Mumbai. We look forward to being much more active in 2018 and having meetups on open source Big Data covering the latest developments in Apache Hadoop 3 and its open source ecosystem, Streaming Analytics and Data Science. This first meetup will cover 2 topics:

Updated on Apache Hive Replication(30 min)
Anishek Agarwal, Apache Hive Committer

Leveraging Attributed Based Access Control for Apache Hadoop with Apache Ranger (45 Min)
Kunal Rajguru, Premier Support Engineer

The following contains a brief description of both topics and the speakers:

Update on Apache Hive Replication Big Data has become a critical infrastructure piece for lot of enterprises. To this end most of them require DR (Disaster Recovery) capabilities for critical software components. Hive has been an integral part of the big data stack providing SQL on Hadoop and is a critical component for Big Data processing in enterprises. In this talk we will see how hive replication works, its limitations and significant recent advancements, which will all be available in upcoming Apache Hive 3.0

Speaker Intro:

Anishek Agarwal works as a committer on Apache Hive focusing on replication. He has been working on large scale streaming platforms, analytics platforms, a few consumer facing applications as well as enterprise software. Anishek works at Hortonworks Bangalore.

Leveraging Attributed Based Access Control for Apache Hadoop with Apache Ranger


Apache Ranger is a centralized framework to define, administer and manage security policies consistently across Hadoop components. In this talk we will cover covers Ranger architecture, features and use cases.

Speaker Intro:

Kunal Rajguru has extensive experience in implementing and supporting enterprise security solutions for Hadoop platform.Kunal works at Hortonworks as Premier Support engineer.

Thursday, January 18, 2018
Reliance Corporate IT Park Thane – Belapur Road, Mumbai