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Using Apache® NiFi to Empower Self-Organising Teams

*** Arrive before 18:30 to ensure entrance through lobby ***

18:00 – Refreshments, Networking

18:30 – Presentation, Demo, Q&A

19:30 – Break, Refreshments, Networking

19:45 – Optional hands on with Nifi

Requirement: bring your own laptop with Docker installed

20:45 – Wrap Up

The Presentation:  

Principles of Agile are starting to move outside of the realm of software development into many other aspects of business.  This is also expanding into the world of Data Management.  One very important and poorly understood section of data management is data in motion.  Data being moved is traditionally hard to track and the systems that do this are either rigid and inflexible or custom, complex and difficult to maintain.  Apache NiFi specialises in moving data in a way that is simple and easy to change, with a number of features that improve data security, visibility and governance.  In this session, we will cover

The NiFi Web: Empowering the self-organising team using NiFi’s standalone capabilities

Incremental Pipeline Improvement: Delivering incremental improvements by leveraging existing integration endpoints

The Speaker:  

Sebastian is a NiFi specialist in EMEA and has been with Hortonworks for a year now. He was previously working on Big Data and Software Engineering projects with Raytheon and Lockheed Martin in Australia and first started using NiFi three years ago. He immediately felt the benefits that NiFi brings and has been an evangelist of the software ever since. Sebastian is also an Agile junkie. He took strongly to the Agile principles when he discovered them after graduation and has been applying them in novel environments to great effect.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
30 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HT