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Big Data Scorecard

Assessing Big Data Maturity and Business Goals

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Four Stages of Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard

The explosion of data—in volume, variety, and velocity—is catalyzing new business models and reshaping industries. Business leaders can no longer amble their way forward in the age of Big Data. The challenges are too great to address without a multi-year strategic roadmap and the business potential is too vast to simply dismiss. But the journey to business transformation is complex. It begins with understanding the opportunities unique to your business and how the maturity of your organization enables or inhibits your ability to strategically pursue Big Data programs aligned with your business goals.

Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard Survey

Companies need to understand where they stand in terms of big data maturity so that they can progress and identify their initiatives. In order to help advance your organization’s Big Data journey, Hortonworks provides you with a unique Big Data Scorecard Tool.

We begin by assessing your current state along five key capability domains:

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    Data and Analytics
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    Technology and Infrastructure
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    Organization and Skills
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    Process Management

You can complete the assessment and receive a detailed assessment of your company’s maturity vis-à-vis that of the current industry. As part of this survey, you will be able to score your current Big Data capabilities and identify where you would like your organization to be two years from now. Our analyses will then help you identify your current gaps with internal Big Data goals as well as look at the external gaps when compared to the industry’s current and future maturity across the same capability domains.

In addition, you will receive a detailed white paper that we have put together to help companies analyze and build a coherent strategy for advancing their Big Data Maturity. This white paper will also serve as a Big Data Scorecard Guide, which will help you interpret your assessment scores.

Finally, after viewing your assessment scores, you will have the chance to engage with our Value Management team for a complimentary consultation and expert feedback regarding what it will take to get to the next level of maturity.

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