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Personalized Analytics and Insights with BIRT for Hadoop

Note: this tutorial was validated with Sandbox 1.3 and Sandbox 2.0

Welcome to the Eclipse-based BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) tutorials developed by Actuate – The BIRT Company™. There are two tutorials for your learning enjoyment, each fairly straightforward and designed to help you get connected with BIRT within minutes to access data from the Hortonworks Sandbox and immediately gain personalized analytics and insights into that data. There are two tutorials for your learning enjoyment:

  1. Tutorial 1: Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) Connectivity
  2. Tutorial 2: BIRT Integration and Report – Introduction to Integrating BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) with the Hortonworks Sandbox

Get Started Tutorial 1 — Open Source Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)

This tutorial is a fairly simple one which will show you how to connect the Sandbox to Open Source BIRT. This will allow you to develop your own BIRT reports from the Hortonworks Sandbox and is the prerequisite for the second tutorial on integrating BIRT with the Sandbox.

This tutorial is a prerequisite tutorial for the Tutorial 2 “BIRT Integration and Report with the Hortonworks Sandbox ” tutorial. This tutorial provides details on downloading BIRT and dependent Jars from Apache.

Once you have successfully performed all of the steps in the tutorial, you have the foundation to complete Tutorial 2 “BIRT Integration and Report with the Hortonworks Sandbox” tutorial as well as developing your own BIRT reports which access the Hortonworks Sandbox.

  1. Get the Hortonworks Sandbox
  2. Install Eclipse
  3. Review the Tutorial 1: Eclipse BIRT Connectivity tutorial

Get Started Tutorial 2: BIRT Integration and Report with the Hortonworks Sandbox

BIRT Reporting Tutorial
BIRT Reporting Tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate how to configure BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) to access data from the Hortonworks Sandbox and its integrated Hive Server.  BIRT is an open source Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with your Java/Java EE application to produce compelling reports.  BIRT provides core reporting features such as report layout, data access and scripting.

You will create a report to visualize which occupations have the highest salaries, identify opportunities with the fewest number

of employees, in a particular occupation, that also pays the highest average salary using occupational information that includes an occupational code, description, total number of employees in that field, and the average salary for each of these occupation.

  1. Complete Tutorial 1: Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Connectivity
  2. Review the Tutorial 2: Integrating Eclipse BIRT tutorial

The main steps to complete this tutorial include:

  1. Creating a BIRT Project, BIRT Report, Data Source, and Data Sets by connecting to the Hortonworks Sandbox Hive Server.
  2. Creating a BIRT report utilizing charting and conditional table formatting features.
  3. Viewing the BIRT in the browser report utilizing Paging and Exporting to formats such as PDF and Excel functionality.

To help you along the way, here are some videos: