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Deploying Hadoop ETL in the Hortonworks Sandbox

Note: this tutorial was validated with Sandbox 1.3


Deploying Hadoop ETL is easier than ever with DMX-h and the Hortonworks Sandbox. Watch this demo and experience for yourself how easy is to run ETL in your Hortonworks deployment. The Hadoop ETL demo will show you how to take advantage of the DMX-h graphical user interface to construct MapReduce jobs inside the Hortonworks Sandbox, inheriting the ease-of-use and performance of Syncsort’s high-performance ETL engine. Leverage existing ETL skills and start taking advantage of Apache Hadoop with the Hortonworks Sandbox and Syncsort DMX-h.

Get Started

  1. Watch the Demo Video above
  2. Get the Hortonworks Sandbox
  3. Get the download: Syncsort DMX-h Test Drive
    • What’s Inside the Download:
      • The test drive enables you to discover how our powerful, user-friendly ETL software delivers everything you need to turn Hadoop into a smarter Big Data solution.
      • A fully-functional version of DMX-h for the Hortonworks Sandbox
      • Templates & sample data for you to experiment with to implement a CDC Streaming test drive
      • Installation instructions and documentation