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How to use HDFS Explorer to manage files on the Hortonworks Sandbox

This tutorial is now retired as the partner product discussed in this tutorial is retired

This community tutorial submitted by Redgate with source available at Github. Feel free to contribute edits or your own tutorial and help the community learn Hadoop.


This tutorial explains how to quickly browse, upload and download files to and from the Hortonworks sandbox from within Windows using HDFS Explorer. HDFS Explorer is a Free Windows Explorer based GUI file manager for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

In this tutorial we will walk through how to connect HDFS Explorer to the Hortonworks Sandbox, and explain what familiar functionality you will then have access to.


  1. Download and start Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0
  2. Download and install HDFS Explorer

Step one: Enable access to the Hortonworks Sandbox from your local machine.

In order to access the Hortonworks Sandbox with HDFS Explorer you will need to create an entry in your hosts file.

To do this launch Notepad with administrator privileges.

Alt text

In Notepad, click File > Open, paste the following into the file name field, and then click Open:


Alt text
Add the following code to the end of the hosts file: sandbox

Alt text

… and save the changes.

Note: if you have configured your Sandbox to use a different IP address, then you’ll need to change the IP address in the snippet above.

Step Two: Connect to your Sandbox in HDFS Explorer.

  • Launch HDFS Explorer
  • Add a new connection (File > Add Connection)
  • Enter the following credentials and click OK:
  • Cluster address:
  • User name: hadoop

Alt text

Alt text

**Note: HDFS Explorer supports multiple connections. To create additional connections, simply click file > add connection again. **

Next Steps

Once HDFS Explorer is connected to the Hortonworks Sandbox it can be used to rapidly upload files and data and download query results using the familiar Windows Explorer-like GUI.

HDFS Explorer supports common Windows Explorer functionality including:

  • Copying, moving, renaming and deleting files
  • Drag and drop
  • Fast navigation of folder structures
  • Support for multiple windows
  • Bookmarked locations

For additional documentation on HDFS Explorer, visit the HDFS Explorer website.