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Using Revolution R Enterprise with Hortonworks Sandbox

Note: this tutorial was validated with Sandbox 1.3


Revolution R Enterprise is a production grade analytics software product built by combining the powerful open source R statistics language with commercial enhancements and professional support necessary for enterprise deployment. Using Revolution R Enterprise with Apache Hadoop enables organizations to take advantage of the scale-out storage and processing capabilities of Hadoop along with the powerful analytic capabilities of R. The following tutorial guide you through the basics of using these two technologies together.

 Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Watch the Demo Video
  2. Download Hortonworks Sandbox
  3. Install Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) – request evaluation of RRE here
  4. Download data and R script before starting this tutorial
  5. View tutorial

Additional Information

Attend this on-demand webinar and learn how Hortonworks and Revolution Analytics play a role in the modern data architecture.

Learn more about the partnership here.