2016 Big Data Maturity Survey Results

82% are looking to big data for EDW Optimization rather than a straight replacement.

Find out more about this big data trend – plus more! Now in its second year, the Big Data Maturity Survey 2016 delivers a wealth of insight into Hadoop as it continues to be the fastest growing force in big data.

This survey is global and the industry’s largest study on big data maturity. With survey sample size that has grown year over year, the study delivers insights from companies’ Hadoop deployments, their best practices and their intentions.

Download the survey results and find out:

  • How is big data augmenting EDW?
  • How many say big data is game-changing or strategic?
  • What is the best way to gain value from big data? The worst way?
  • What is the #1 workload for big data?
  • What percentage of respondents have Spark in production today?

Download the survey results!

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