Automotive Transformation on the Data Superhighway

How Open Enterprise Hadoop is changing automotive manufacturing

The automotive industry is in the midst of a deep transformation, driven by dramatic shifts in consumer demand, expanding regulatory requirements, and the explosion of disruptive technologies that put pressure on prior business models. In response, automotive leaders are racing to find new ways to innovate and change their operations to take advantage of those transformational forces.

This white paper will shed light on the new “data superhighway” that enables automakers to capture Big Data and use it to dramatically improve their vehicles and the overall experience of their customers.

Transformational forces in the automotive industry According to recent research conducted by PwC1 titled 2015 Auto Industry Trends, three powerful forces are transforming the auto industry:
• Shifts in consumer demand
• Regulatory requirements for fuel economy and safety
• Increased availability of data and information

Automotive Transformation on the Data Superhighway

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