Big Data Analytics for Retail with Apache™ Hadoop®

A Hortonworks and Microsoft White Paper

The Big Data Opportunity for Retail

Big data analytics unlock big opportunities for retailers—actionable intelligence that boosts productivity and margins.

A growing array of retail channels and increasingly connected consumers have made a wide variety of new data types and sources available to today’s retailer. Structured transactional and operational data now make up just a small portion of the overall data landscape for the industry.

And it’s in the massive volumes of unstructured data—web logs, clickstream data, geo-location data, social interactions and sensor data—that the big opportunities lie. These opportunities are significant, spanning many lines of business and nearly every function. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, retailers that fully exploit their big data opportunities are coming out ahead, driving dramatically improved margins and productivity.

Big Data Analytics for Retail with Apache™ Hadoop® White Paper

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