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Data Science in the Cloud

Download this Data Science Starter Kit to take full advantage of the cloud for data science. This kit has pre-selected how-to videos, tutorials, white papers and other content related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

How to set up a Data Science environment in HDCloud (Hortonworks Data Cloud). For example, how to spin up a controller, a cluster, and launch an Apache Zeppelin notebook for the ultimate Data Science experience.

Deliver InsightsDeliver Insights

Deliver Insights

With predictive analytics and machine learning on HDCloud for AWS.

Spin Up and Spin Down CapacitySpin Up and Spin Down Capacity

Spin Up and Spin Down Capacity

To give you the freedom to perform and test hypotheses without depending on IT.

Pay as you goPay as you go

Use a Pay-As-You-Go Model

To only pay for the resources you need, when you need it so you can focus on your work without worrying about the infrastructure.

Access to All DataAccess to All Data

Access to All Data

No matter where your data is coming from, whether it originates in the cloud or the data center.

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