Why Just Optimize When You Can Elephantize?

The Story Behind ‘Elephantize.’

The world of data features an abundance of language we hear every day from every corner of the Big Data space. Not surprisingly, everybody’s saying the same things-talking about optimizing data, artificial intelligence, gaining insights, the Internet of Things, capturing sensor data, and on and on. We decided it was time to say something different-and while we were at it, have a little fun too. So we made up our own Hortonworks language to describe what we offer, and looking to our brand for inspiration, we came up with an elephant-strength vocabulary to describe what we do for organizations who require robust global data management capabilities.

For the Massive and the Masses

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is the perfect choice for public sector data management at any scale, with an elephant-strength platform that makes it technically and economically viable for government agencies to gain insights from data of any source. HDP facilitates data-at-rest, real-time applications and the most demanding data analytics. Hortonworks Dataflow (HDF) captures data in motion with an end-to-end platform that can curate, analyze and act on real-time data, on-premise or in the cloud.

Hortonworks Public Sector Solutions

Our modern data architecture allows your agency to securely deploy, integrate and analyze unprecedented amounts of data that in the past, were too big and expensive to retain and analyze. Moreover, Hortonworks Data Platform is the industry’s only truly secure, enterprise-ready open source Apache™ Hadoop® solution. Whatever your data challenge is-security, proactively maintaining public infrastructure, tracking expenditures or advancing the smart city, our connected platform makes all of your data goals more affordable than ever.

  • A data architecture that delivers insight from from IoT sensors
  • A single view of even the most complex data ecosystems
  • Optimized EDWs and cloud solutions
  • Proactive decisions from predictive analytics
  • Ability to proactively identify security risks
  • Increased productivity

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