Enable Apache Hadoop in the Cloud

Big Data in the Cloud Drives the Connected Data Architecture

The amount of data in our world is exploding and analyzing large data sets has become key to discover new waves of productivity, growth, and innovation.  To keep pace with the high costs and inflexibility of moving large computing infrastructures online, organizations have sparked interested in how cloud computing can alleviate some of the obstacles faced by trying to make Big Data in operate in the cloud.  

In this paper, you will learn:

  • Why you should consider running Apache Hadoop in the Cloud
  • The benefits of a hybrid approach of building a modern data architecture
  • Four common uses cases that leverage Apache technologies to support big data in the cloud

Why Hortonworks

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is the only 100% community-driven open source Apache Hadoop data platform and our team makes up the largest contingent of builders and architects within the Hadoop ecosystem.  Download this white paper to see how your organization can take advantage of running  Hadoop in the cloud.


Download the White Paper

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