Path to GDPR Compliance Begins with Data Governance

Challenges of Data Security Compliance in Big Data

Despite advances in big data storage and processing systems, regulatory compliance such as EU General Data Protection Regulation continues to pose interesting challenges to enterprises that need to manage their expanding stockpile of data for regulatory, competitive, or privacy reasons. These challenges emanate from the factors that include:

  • Data lakes are becoming centralized repositories that contain both raw and as well as curated corporate and external data needed to run enterprise businesses
  • Enterprises large and small are keeping data longer in data lakes, as storage continues to become cheaper and processing engines become more cost-effective
  • The source systems that feed data into the data lake are changing continuously and new systems are constantly being added
  • There is a broader set of users that analyze data in the data lake, including business analysts across departments, data scientists, marketers etc

A comprehensive data governance framework can help you manage data security and data privacy compliance in your expanding stockpile of data.

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