Hortonworks SmartSense – Enabling Proactive Issue Resolution & Personalized Cluster Insights

The fast path to rapid case resolution and proactive support

Hortonworks customers have come to rely heavily on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for business critical applications, making it essential for them to be able to get ahead of cluster issues and resolve them rapidly when time is of the essence. The Big Data industry is also rapidly evolving causing Hadoop Operators to constantly add workload and restructure clusters to meet the ever-increasing demand.

How do we help customers deal with rapid change, both in their cluster, and in their respective industry best practices? Through proactive monitoring, and customized recommendations that help extend the reach of operations teams by providing actionable recommendations and analysis based on the latest industry best practices and field experience.

Guided by this need, Hortonworks has created SmartSense® to fundamentally change our current support model by enabling customers to:

  • Quickly collect cluster diagnostic information
  • Provide concise and actionable recommendations to resource-constrained Hadoop operations staff
  • Enable Hadoop operations staff to get ahead of configuration problems before they result in cluster degradation or downtime
  • Ensure that cluster configuration keeps pace with the changing cluster topology and workload

Hortonworks SmartSense: Enabling Proactive Issue Resolution & Personalized Cluster Insights White Paper

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