Using Hadoop to Optimize the Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is traditionally used for generating reports and answering pre-defined queries, where workloads and requirements for service level are static. Constrained by this limitation, users cannot freely explore and ask questions from their data to enable timely responses and insights that drive the speed of business required to stay competitive today.

With the supplement of Apache Hadoop®, it not only contains the growing costs of running enterprise data warehouses, but also gives users the flexibility and reusability over the consumption of data with the introduction of schema-on-read. When Hadoop is used to optimize EDW, organizations can get the best of both worlds with the use of the EDW for standard operational queries, and Hadoop for exploratory analytics and workload shift.

In this whitepaper, Ovum, a market-leading independent IT analyst and consultancy firm, discusses the innovations in Hadoop to help “right size” EDW, and provides guidance for a best-of-breed, pre-configured approach that enables immediate proof of value with EDW optimization.

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