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Welcome to the

Future of Data

A tsunami wave of data flooding in from every click, tap and swipe, machine, device and person.

It’s beyond big data now.

It’s anything data.

It’s mammoth, colossal, humongous and tiny.

In the Internet of Anything, the world of any device, anything, anyone at anytime, any data, that understanding what happened is no longer good enough; we need to predict what happens next.

There’s a realization happening that data is only useful if it can transform from bits in billions of things, devices and apps, into intelligence in minds. So minds can be smarter, learn, decide and create more.

Businesses realize they are data businesses. That data is their future. A valuable business asset. They know they must realize its true value by activating the value chain from data to actionable intelligence.

Welcome to Hortonworks.

We manage the world’s data.

We power the future of data.

We make it possible to solve the hard problems of creating actionable intelligence from data through open architectures for the modern digital enterprise.

For all the visionaries, creators and makers who are building the future out there, we stand right behind you: helping you with data-at-rest and data-in-motion, in real time and near time, predictive, streaming, structured, unstructured and anything in between.

How we do it matters to us. We reject outright the notion that vendors only succeed through lock-in and proprietary technologies. We believe in a 100% open approach. The more open we all are, the more we will each be inspired and inventive.

We believe in being aggressively humble, leading by doing and driving to success. We are architects and inventors. We are experts and guides. We believe in collaboration, sharing and co-innovation. Those with an experimental mentality—not afraid to fail fast together, so we can all learn faster— will always lead the charge.

We help people and organizations who understand that actionable and predictive intelligence matters. But also that security and scale matter. That governance and manageability matter. It has to work.

We are changing the way people think about data and what businesses can achieve with data. Together we can reinvent in ways never imagined. We will gain insight never before seen. We will manage, guide, transform and

power the future of

data together.