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Streaming Analytics Manager

Streaming Analytics Manager



Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager is an open source tool used to design, develop, deploy and manage streaming analytics applications using a drag drop visualize paradigm.  Now users can build streaming analytics applications that do event correlation, context enrichment, complex pattern matching, analytical aggregations and create alerts/notifications when insights are discovered.

What Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager Does?

Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager provides immediate and continuous insights using aggregations over windows, pattern matching, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Streaming analytics applications can be built and deployed in minutes without writing any code.

Key features:

Below are step to step screen shots showcase how Hortonworks Steaming Analytics Manager works:

1- Step 1: Operations Create  Service Pools and Environments

Create Service Pools and Environments
Create Service Pools and Environments
HDF Environments
HDF Environments

2- Step 2: App Developer builds the app using Stream Builder

3- Step 3: App Developer and Operations monitors, and manages the the App via Stream Operations

Manage streaming analytics manager
Manage streaming analytics manager

4- Step 4: App Developer and Operations manages the app in the My Applications View

5- Step 5: Business analyst uses Stream Insight powered by Superset to do Descriptive Analytics on the Stream


Hortonworks’ focus on Streaming Analytics Manager:

Applications Developer – Build Quickly 
Application Developers can easily design, develop, deploy and manage streaming analytics applications.

  • Drag and drop to build a working streaming application without writing a single line of code
  • Key features including event correlation, context enrichment, complex pattern matching and alerts/notifications
  • Create input streams, applying complicated functions over windows, transforms, splitting/joining streams and persisting data/streams to downstream systems
Business Analyst – Analyze Quickly
No more waiting! Business Analysts have prebuilt charts and analytical functions to quickly find insights in data-in-motion.

  • Analytics engine powered by Apache Druid, an open source data store designed for OLAP queries on event data
  • Rich visual dashboard with over 30 visualization charts right out of the box
  • Create/monitor/view the dashboard as near real-time data streaming in
IT DevOps – Operate Efficiently
DevOps can use visual tools with prebuilt functions to easily manage and monitor or use powerful SDK to customize functions.

  • Provides an environment in which Operations team can track the entire streaming application lifecycle management from creation, modification, monitoring to sunset the application
  • Create and manage service pools for developer to easily create streaming analytics apps
  • Easily deploy streaming analytics apps in a secure environment, shielding the end user from the complexities of working with kerberized environments


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