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Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Bluemetrix has been at the forefront of Data Processing and Analytics since establishing its business in Japan in 2001 and continues to invest in talent and technology to enhance its capabilities to provide customised Data Processing and Consultancy services to existing and new customers in Europe and Japan.

Having developed and operated data analytics systems for 15 years, Bluemetrix brings the rigor, best practices and infrastructure know-how to deliver Big Data analytics systems to the enterprise.

Bluemetrix has been working with Hadoop since 2009, providing Big Data insights and real-time reporting to clients. Bluemetrix provide their clients with a complete view of their customers’ activity and work with them to incorporate and utilize this data view in a dynamic business model to increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction and optimize resources.

Bluemetrix core clients come from the Telecom, Media, Consumer Goods, Finance and Retail sectors.