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Gold ISV/IHV Partner
Pivotal is a Gold ISV/IHV Partner in the Partnerworks Program.

Jacque Istok, Head of Technical Field, Data, Pivotal

Pivotal’s mission is to transform the way the world builds software. Central to that mission is being great at working with data. Whether managing data, analyzing it or connecting insights with applications, Pivotal helps its clients choose the right architecture and the right algorithms to power their digital transformation.

 Hadoop plays a central role in that journey. Together, Pivotal and Hortonworks offer enterprises a comprehensive and powerful platform for managing, analyzing and operationalizing data at scale.

Data and Digital Transformation

Great software companies leverage Big Data to fundamentally change the user experience, reach new levels of profitability and efficiency, and even pioneer entirely new business models. They understand how to put data to work, delivering information in context for maximum impact.

To take advantage of this opportunity requires a modern, cloud native data platform that allows enterprises to leverage open source software innovation, lower the cost of asking questions of their data, and support event-driven architectures. The Pivotal Big Data Suite (BDS) is the only comprehensive platform of open data management solutions that meets these demanding requirements.

Pivotal Big Data Suite

Pivotal BDS allows enterprises to modernize their data architecture, discover more insights from their data with advanced analytics and data science, and build analytic applications at scale. Pivotal BDS enables enterprises to:

  • Analyze data of all types - structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

  • Leverage existing SQL skills and related tools to perform complex analytics and interactive queries against petabyte-scale data.

  • Build, run and iterate machine learning and data science algorithms at scale to glean predictive insights.

  • Develop and support smart data-driven applications that operationalize Big Data insights by delivering information in context.

  • Pivotal BDS is complimented by the Hortonworks Data Platform. Together, Pivotal and Hortonworks offer enterprises a comprehensive and powerful open source platform and all the tools they need to put data to work.

At Pivotal, our mission is to transform how the world builds software. So together, let’s build something meaningful. Visit today.