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Youngsoft is a professional services company providing IT consulting and development support to Fortune 500 companies across the US. Since 1996 we have helped clients infuse technology into their enterprise not only as a solution to a singular business issue, but to look at technology as a business enabler. Our Practice Specialists are technologists as well as business specialists. They are committed to helping clients look at the big picture to leverage their technology investments across the enterprise.

Technology is not the same as it was in 1996, and neither are we. As technology has evolved, so have we. Our industry recognized Centers of Excellence bear this out. As one of our Centers of Excellence, which includes the Horizontal Portal CoE and the Digital Experience CoE, our Big Data and Business Intelligence CoE gives Youngsoft the expertise to help companies fully embrace Big Data as the solution to real business issues: efficiently and cost effectively. We have extensive experience in the area of handling massive quantities of data, helping clients integrate and report on it. Given the choice of competing technologies, we chose Hadoop as the technology, and Hortonworks as our preferred technology partner.