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Community SI PartnerGold Reseller Partner
Zylk is a Community SI Partner / Gold Reseller Partner in the Partnerworks Program. is a ICT company specialized in java open source developments, products. Its activity focuses on Enterprise Portals, Document Management, Business Intelligence, BigData, and Security & Digital Signature solutions. From 2010 heads the open source associations E.S.L.E (Basque Federation) and A.S.O.L.I.F. (Spanish Federation). From here we promote the biggest open source event in Spain. is Silver Service Partner of Liferay Portal and also is Alfresco ECM and Pentaho BI Integrator. We also develop addons and portlets that are available online. leads and sponsor the open source community of digital signature products, Sinadura. is certified in ISO 20000-1 quality for support services management, as well as V2C rating in software development and maintenance, by the Basque Government. Since 2012 we are working on Big Data solutions based on (Hadoop, mongodb, Phoenix, Hbase, Ambari.) is an specialist open source company that integrate Big Data solutions for your business. In order to provide a innovative and efficient solution where classic solutions do not reach.

From 2012 we have been implementing solutions based in:

  • HBase + HDFS
  • Map&Reduce + HDFS,
  • Hive & Pig & OLAP4Cloud
  • Pentaho

While using almost all the Hadoop ecosystem, for example for distributed Storage systems with HDFS, HBase, Publish-Suscribe (Kafka) and for distributed computation (batch & micro-batch) using Map&Reduce, Yarn, Storm, also, for machine learning & data mining task we use Mahout & SAMOA.

Nowadays visualization tools are very important to analyze the data we process therefore we are developing ad-hoc solutions for our customers and also developing a framework in order to reduce the time to develop dashboards. This framework is based in Pentaho using protovis, D3.js, HighCharts.js, and others.

We have success stories running in ICT, Public Administration and Energy sectors.

If you want more technical information about our projects please check our blog