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Tools and applications that are Operations Ready have passed rigorous integration tests with the operational framework for Apache Hadoop and simplify the monitoring and management of the platform and for applications on HDP.

Apache Ambari is the open source operational framework for Hadoop. Ambari includes the APIs and platform extension points necessary for integration with monitoring and management tools and deployment of applications. Integration with enterprise monitoring and management tools increases the ease of use by providing a single pane of glass for management. Skills developed in existing management tools can be leveraged for HDP, and mechanisms for managing HDP can be re-used for components that are installed in the field as if they were part of HDP.


Operations Ready tools and applications deliver the assurance to customers that the vendor technologies integrate well with Apache Ambari, requiring minimal to no training to manage Hadoop ecosystem components beyond the tools they are familiar with.

The first step in becoming Operations Ready is determining the appropriate extension point and for integration. Apache Ambari provides three different extension capabilities:

Method Description
REST API A robust bidirectional API to allow applications to control and monitor Hadoop clusters without having to understand Hadoop components or internals.
Stacks A mechanism to describe a component to Ambari for management as if the component was a standard part of HDP. Allows the component to be managed via the REST API and Ambari Web like other components, and defines a custom Hadoop “stack” tailored for the enterprise.
Views A mechanism to supply a custom user experience for one or more Hadoop components through Ambari Web. Administrators can use role-based access controls to determine which users or groups of users (data workers, administrators, etc) can use which Views.


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