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Tools and applications that are Security Ready have passed rigorous integration tests with the security frameworks for Apache Hadoop including Kerberos, Apache Knox and Apache Ranger.

Security is a top concern for organizations and adopting new platform technologies must adhere to strict security requirements. Security Ready tools and applications are integrated using the latest open source APIs and provide additional security for data and users. Security Ready tools and applications work within the security guidelines of the Hadoop cluster.

How do you become Security Ready?

There are three ways to achieve Security Ready. At a minimum, the application should work with a cluster that has Kerberos and Knox running, but it can also provide specific integrations to take advantage of Knox and Ranger.

Method   Description
KerberosMust continue to work with a Kerberos-enabled cluster.
KnoxMust work in a cluster with Apache Knox enabled. Optionally, provides a plug-in to extend Knox for the component.
RangerIntegrates with the Apache Ranger security framework, by allowing the component to participate in the central security administration framework, and/or by integrating with the centralized audit capability.

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